Walmart is gettin 2spooky

With $17,000, you can buy Train Simulator 2014 and ALL of its DLC ($4108.18 total) for yourself and three friends and still have over $500 left over.


Here we have Cole (he has no tumblr I believe) as possibly the most precious Pyro I have met.

Pyro is http://spectralbeaconart.tumblr.com/ 


Now that I have them all finished, incoming Matsuricon photo spam!

zeekbearconductor as the RED Sniper playing a little jazz for everyone at the end of SAO’s performance. Sax actually belongs to a Pyro.

Jazz for your pickles.

Train Simulator.  There is something to be said about the scenery in this game.  


James McVinnie's: End of the Line [New Posters]

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[MatsuriCon] Kamikaze Goes to the Con!

I require more opportunities to sing this bird to sleep!


Pssst, so I submitted my TF2 designs (5 total so far. Working on more!) to be possible Valve merch. If you like them, go vote for them please! c:

Reasons I will not stay at work after hours:

1. I am aware of Five Nights at Freddy’s
2. It is not approved overtime.
3. I have watched Five Nights at Freddy’s.